1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan in March 2023 (Punjab)

Do you want to know about the 1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan in March 2023 (Punjab)? Are you want to shift your electricity to this free solar energy because of the high cost of bills in Pakistan?

The average price for a 1kw solar panel system in Pakistan in the month of march 2023 ranges from 70,000 Rupees to 150,000 Rupees depending upon the quality of the solar panels.

If you buy good quality solar panels then their lifetime and performance are also very high and long-lasting.

For good quality solar panels, the price will be a little bit high as compared to others.

If you save money on purchasing low-quality solar panels then their prices will be low but their quality and performance are also very bad. Scope of Solar Power Energy in Pakistan(Best Guide)

So always buy electronic accessories from a trusted store either online or offline.

If you want to buy solar panels online then Pakistan no 1 website is Daraz online shopping center.

If you want to buy solar plates offline then you have to go near your city and buy ones

In this article, we will explore how many accessories can we run on 1kw, Where solar panels are purchased, how to install them, which direction is best for best performance in Pakistan, and where we can discount solar panels in Pakistan.

Where From Solar Panels Should Buy in Pakistan?

There are two places where from you can buy solar panels online or offline.

A. Online or Website

In Pakistan, you can buy all of your things like food items, medicine, fruit, vegetables, and Solar Panels too.

Here is a very trustworthy and reliable online institute in Pakistan Daraz.

You can buy all of your Electronics especially solar panels from Daraz online store.

There should always be sales on daraz from 10 to 20 percent.

So we can get a discount on buying from daraz.

There is a very advantage of shopping daraz is we don’t have to go anywhere.

Also, we can save much of our precious time.

B. Offline or Local market

You can buy solar panels from the local markets in Pakistan near your home.

In this way, you can physically see and touch the accessories, especially solar panels.

By watching and touching you can understand the quality of that thing.

You can save a lot of rupees in Pakistan’s local market by bargaining them.

Here you can get the best one and also you can get a discount of 10 to 30 percent.

But there is a disadvantage too and that is you have to consume a lot of time.

Because you have to see many shops in seeking your favorite one.

Which Direction is Best for Solar Panels in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the South direction is best for getting full solar energy.

If you install solar panels on roofs of homes then you have to fix solar panels facing towards the south side.

In this way, you will get full current so that you can save a lot of money.

Best Angle for Solar Panels in Pakistan

There are two best angles for the installation of solar panels in Pakistan and these are 30° and 45° towards the sun from the earth’s surface.

For Summer Season

In the summer season, a 30-degree angle is best because the sun is fully straight.

For Winter Season

In the winter season in Pakistan, the sun goes down so we should place solar plates 45 degrees towards the face of the sun from the ground level.

How Many Things Can We Run on 1KW?

We can run a lot of things on 1kw.

  • 1 TV or LED
  • 3 fans
  • 6 bulbs or energy savers on this capacity of current.

In this way, we can save 120 to 150 units per month.

In Pakistan, the unit price is 20 Rupees per unit.

So in this way, we can save 2400 to 3000 rupees per month in Pakistan.
If we add taxes from the government then it goes from 4k to 5k.

In this way, you can save 4000 to 5000 Rupees per month with these 1kw solar panels.

Although solar panel prices are also very high this is a one-time investment.

Because once you install it then you will enjoy this free energy for at least 25 to 40 years.

How Many Solar Panels Need to reach 1kw?

If you buy solar plates of about 250 watts then you have to buy 4 solar plates for 1kw.

Or if you buy 500 watts Solar Panels then you have to buy only two solar panels.

Other Requirements

There are 3 other Requirements for solar panels.


This is a necessary component for connecting solar panels to accessories that we want to run on solar panels.


For solar plate installation, these are necessary. We can fix solar Plates on iron frames because we can not install them straight on the ground.

We have to set an angle for getting better sunlight.
So better sunlight and then better solar energy


If you want to run electronic accessories at night time then we have to store energy in batteries because at the night there is no light from the sun.

They will store extra energy from solar panels during day time. We can use this energy by storing it in batteries.

Inverter or UPS

This is the final thing that is also needed for solar panels.
This can convert and increase solar energy.

Final Words Of This Article

At the end of this article which is the latest and informative.

We hope you are now well aware of the 1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan in March 2023 (Punjab)

In this article, we learned a lot about the latest prices of solar panels in Pakistan in the month of march 2023.
The price range for 1kw ranges from 70k to 150k in Pakistan.

We also learned how to install them in the right direction and angle.

We also learned where from we got discounts and buy this online or offline.

Hope you have now enough guidance from this amazing article.

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