3kW Photovoltaic System: Cost, Dimensions and Performance

A 3kW Photovoltaic System is one of the most used configurations in the residential sector, as it boasts an excellent relationship between initial costs and the yield offered over time.

A power of 3kW, suitable for the average energy needs of a couple or a family of 3-4 people, allows the green electricity generated to be used for self-consumption and transfer to the grid, reaching a good level in terms of yield and savings on the bill.

Obviously, the average monthly production of a 3kW Photovoltaic System depends on numerous factors: from geographical location to photovoltaic panel technology. For this reason, you must always rely on qualified professionals, furthermore, it is important to inform yourself well to make informed choices.

Here are all the characteristics of a 3kW Photovoltaic System that you need to know. A 3-kilowatt Photovoltaic System Costs between €4,500 and €7,500.

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The Cost of a 3kW Photovoltaic System

Before making an investment in Solar Energy it is essential to understand how much a 3kW Photovoltaic System costs

In this way it is possible to accurately evaluate the convenience of this system for your home, considering all the available solutions. At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully analyze the current incentives, and benefits such as tax deductions, invoice discounts, and credit transfers.

The Cost of a Photovoltaic System with a power of 3kW is linked to a series of aspects, including:

  • Type of Photovoltaic Panels
  • Presence of the storage system
  • Quality of the materials used
  • Difficulty in installation
  • Technologies integrated into the system.

The price of photovoltaic panels depends on the technology and efficiency of the modules. Monocrystalline silicon panels cost around 130-180 euros per module, with a yield of 18-23%. The cost of the latest generation panels with very high efficiency can even reach 250-300 euros per module. Thin film panels are by far the cheapest, but have a lower efficiency, around 8-12%.

After that, we must consider the Price of the Photovoltaic Inverter, an essential element for converting the direct current electricity produced by the system into alternating current, with a cost of around 1000-1500 euros for a single-phase model and 2000-3000 euros for the three-phase. It is also necessary to evaluate the installation and management costs of the system, the costs of the other components, and the support structure for the photovoltaic panels.

In general, the overall price of a 3kW photovoltaic system is around 4,500-7,500 euros, with a cost that can range from 2,500 to 3,500 euros per kWp (peak kilowatt). Naturally, in the analysis of the investment the savings in the bill obtained through self-consumption must be considered, or the economic reimbursement received from the GSE (Energy Services Manager), taking into account an annual production between 3,000 and 4,500 kWh based on the geographical area and climatic conditions.

3kW Photovoltaic System with Storage: Price and Features

The cost of a 3kW Photovoltaic System with storage is certainly higher, however, this solution allows you to use a battery pack to store the electrical energy generated and not use it immediately. 

In this way it is possible to optimize the percentage of self-consumption, especially during the summer season, when greater solar radiation is available, to reduce energy withdrawal from the network and reduce the amount of the electricity bill.

The price of photovoltaic storage varies based on the capacity and technology of the batteries. For a 3kW system, it is necessary to install a storage unit of at least 4.8 kWh, preferably with a dedicated 3kW inverter, to optimize charging and energy withdrawal from the batteries during all moments of the day. The cost of the 4.8 kWh storage is around 7,500 euros, if you opt for high-efficiency lithium batteries, which are currently the best performing.

Also considering this expense, the cost of a 3kW photovoltaic system with storage in 2022 is approximately 14,000-16,000 euros. We must then evaluate the savings on the electricity bill and the tax breaks, with the possibility of also taking advantage of the Super bonus. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a leading intervention and increase at least two energy classes of the property, for example by replacing the boiler with a heat pump to be powered by the 3kW Photovoltaic System with Batteries.

3kW Photovoltaic System: How Many Square Meters?

The total space occupied by a 3kW Photovoltaic System varies quite a bit. The overall surface area depends on a series of aspects, including the type of roof where the photovoltaic panels are mounted and the efficiency of the modules. 

Considering a power of 345 Wp for monocrystalline silicon panels, a 3kW Photovoltaic System requires approximately 20 square meters with a pitched roof, or around 30 square meters if mounted on a flat roof.

This difference is linked to shading, in fact in a pitched roof the surface is inclined, so it is possible to install the photovoltaic panels closer together without compromising their performance. In flat roofs the surface is not inclined, therefore it is necessary to space the photovoltaic modules further apart and insert special supports. This aspect leads to an increase in the installation area of ​​residential photovoltaics on flat roofs, equal to approximately 50% more compared to installation on pitched roofs. 

The dimensions of the Photovoltaic Panels also affect the overall size of the system, taking into account that the total number of modules is linked to the performance of each individual panel. The standard measurements of crystalline silicon Photovoltaic modules are 165 cm high by 100 cm wide, for a total panel surface area of ​​1.65 square meters. For specific needs, there are also compact panels on the market, with a width of approximately 80-90 cm and a height of 130-150 cm, for a module surface of 1.04-1.35 square meters.

3kW Photovoltaic System Dimensions: How Many Panels?

To calculate the number of panels needed for a 3kW Photovoltaic System, you need to consider the power of the modules, i.e. the amount of energy that each panel is capable of producing. To calculate how many panels a 3kW Photovoltaic System with monocrystalline silicon modules needs, we can consider a single panel power of between 300 and 400 Wp. 

The number of Photovoltaic Modules will therefore be 8-10 panels, with a total occupied surface area of ​​14-17 square meters with a pitched roof and 20-25 square meters with a flat roof. There are also new generation panels with power up to 500 Wp, capable of reducing the number of modules and the installation area with a higher initial investment.

3kW Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System

When the property is not connected to the national electricity grid, it is possible to choose an isolated Photovoltaic System or a grid-connected one. off-grid or connected Photovoltaic System. 

In both cases it is possible to exploit the energy generated for self-consumption, however only with a grid-connected system is it possible to transfer the electricity to the national electricity grid. In this way, surplus electricity can be supplied, effectively selling the electricity produced to receive a reimbursement from the GSE.

A 3kW stand-alone Photovoltaic System, on the other hand, is not connected to the external electricity grid but is only connected to the home’s electrical system. In these cases it is advisable to have a storage system with a greater capacity, for example, opting for 7.2 kWh batteries instead of the classic 4.8 kWh storage used with 3kW Photovoltaic Systems. 

This is a solution possible only if the property is not connected to the national electricity grid, and it is possible to cover the entire energy requirement through self-consumption. Installing a photovoltaic system allows you to produce clean and renewable energy.

Turnkey 3kW Photovoltaic System

A 3kW turnkey Photovoltaic System includes all costs related to the purchase of components and installation, from the supply of panels to the connections of the system with the electricity grid and the home. 

To evaluate the various options available on the market it is advisable to request at least two or three quotes, in this way, you can analyze the different proposals and choose the one with the best quality-price ratio.

It is important to check that the price of the 3kW photovoltaic system includes all costs, including the design of the system, the processing of bureaucratic procedures, and the disposal of the panels at the end of their life. 

Furthermore, it is necessary to check the quality of the proposed components, the materials of the support structure, and the possible presence of insurance coverage. It is also worth considering whether you want a slight oversizing, for example by requesting a quote for a turnkey 3.5kW Photovoltaic System.