3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan March 2023| For Ac

Do you want to know about the 3kw solar system price in Pakistan in march 2023?
Are you converting your electricity to solar panels because of the high cost of electricity in Pakistan?

The total price for 3KW solar panel system is about 850k to 900k in Pakistan in the month of march 2023.

For 3KW solar system you need to buy at least 6 solar panels and each panel will produce 500 watts.
For 6 solar panels, there will be 3k watts which will be enough for running AC.

If we see their prices then just a single solar panel will be about 75k in Pakistan nowadays.

For running AC we need 6 plates so total expenditures in Pakistan rupees will be 450k.

If we want to run ac at night, then we have to buy batteries that will store currently in the daytime and give them back up at nighttime.

For a single battery, the price is about 50k in the local market in Pakistan in march.

For 2 batteries the total cost will be almost 1 lack rupees.

Do You Know AC Prices in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, AC Price is very high as compared to the last few months.

The total price for 1 AC ranges from 250k to 260k in the month of march in the Pakistan local market. Top 4 Types Of Solar Panels Available in Pakistan | سولَر پینل اقسام

The above are the 3 main things but there are 3 more things to buy to run this system.

Cable is also a very important factor for this solar panel AC.

Cable price is also very high in Pakistan ranging from 40k to 50k in Pakistan.

Frames are also significant for connecting solar panels on the roof.

The frame price ranges from 10k to 12k in Pakistan in the month of march.

How Many Things Can We Run on 3KW With AC?

How Many Things Can We Run on 3KW With AC?
How Many Things Can We Run on 3KW With AC?

There is happy news for you and that is we can run many Bulbs, Fans, and LED TVs along with AC on this capacity of 3KW.

Can We Run the Water Pump On 3KW?

YES, you can run the water pump on this 3kw current but you have to close the switch of your AC for some time until the water pump is running.

Because only AC will consume almost 2k watts at starting but when the room is cool down then it consumes low energy. How Many Solar Panels are Need For a 1kW System in Pakistan?

For water pumps also consume a very large amount of energy almost 1200 watts.

So we run one thing at one time AC or Water Pump on this 3kw capacity.

Where To Buy Solar Panels?

We can buy this solar panel system locally in the Pakistan local market.

We can also purchase these from an online shopping center or website like Daraz.

Daraz is best if you want to buy these solar panels in Pakistan, if you don’t have time

How Many Rupees We Can Save?

Solar panel energy is absolutely free and is God gifted so we can save a lot of money from it.
Although its initial expenditures are very high bit this is a one-time investment in the life

We can save almost 500 to 600 units from it by installing a 3KW system in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, electricity prices are very high so now it is time to shift to solar energy systems.

In Pakistan, there are 20 Rupees per unit which is the highest rate as compared to other countries.

So if calculate then we say that this system must save as much as 12k to 15k Rupees per month and if consider it for the whole year then we can save almost 150k to 200k rupees.

This is the huge economy that we get from This amazing solar panel technology.

Should We Use This Energy At Night?

Yes, We can use this Solar Panels energy at night time only on one condition when we apply batteries to it.

Because at night there is no Sunlight at all so how do solar panels generate electricity?

But in the daytime, we can add batteries to a solar system.

Batteries can store this extra current in them at night when solar panels are not in the condition of producing electricity.

We can use their stored energy at night.

This is the amazing technology at present and also call as green energy.

Because Solar Panels’ energy is not only free but also environment friendly.

Which Type of Solar Panels are Best in Pakistan?

There are 4 of the latest types of solar panels in Pakistan in the month of march.

  1. Monocrystalline solar panels
  2. Polycrystalline solar panels
  3. PERC Solar panels
  4. Thin film Solar Panels

But in Pakistan’s local market, monocrystalline solar panels are the most affordable and reliable because of their performance and low cost.

Their average price per solar plate ranges from 14k to 15k.

They are simple and have only a single type of mono-silicon cells.


At the end of this article, we hope you are now well aware of 3KW Solar System Prices in Pakistan in march of the month.

We learned about solar prices and AC Price also with batteries, cables, and frames.
The total price for AC ranges from 840k to 900k in the local market in Pakistan in the month of march.

In this article, we also explore that where to buy these solar panels offline or online.

Finally, we will suggest you buy these solar panels or AC from the local market of Pakistan in 2023.

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