4kw Photovoltaic System Price: Cost, Types and Deductions

The 4kW photovoltaic system is suitable for the energy needs of a family of 3-4 people, with which it is also possible to obtain a surplus of energy. In this way it is possible to resell the electricity generated and not consumed by transferring it to the grid, or store it in the accumulation system and use it when necessary. In any case, the cost of a 4kW Photovoltaic System is quite variable, as it depends on numerous factors that must be carefully analyzed to make the right choice. 

How Much Does a 4kW Photovoltaic System Cost?

The price of a European places 4kW Photovoltaic System is approximately 1,500-2,500 Euros per kW, with a total cost that can range from approximately 7,000 to 13,000 euros and an average cost of around 8,000 euros. Obviously, these indicative values ​​refer to a photovoltaic system without storage. The addition of a battery pack to store the electricity produced and not consumed immediately involves an increase in the initial investment, although it offers economic advantages in the medium/long term.

The Cost of Photovoltaics is linked to various aspects, from the costs of installing and managing the system to the different prices of the various components such as the type of inverter and the quality of the photovoltaic panels. All these factors can influence the total cost, however, they must be evaluated accurately as they influence the performance, efficiency, and size of the photovoltaic system, determining its performance over the 25-30 years of the useful life of the system. 

Furthermore, it is advisable to request a quote for the cost of a turnkey 4kW Photovoltaic System, in particular, if the prospect is to increase the family unit, transfer part of the electricity to the national grid through the on-site exchange, or replace gas devices such as the boiler or water heater with electric systems such as the heat pump or electric boiler. In this way, it is possible to analyze the necessary expenses for both types, to make an informed decision by thinking about the future energy needs of the home.

The Price of the Components of a 4kW Photovoltaic System

The price of a 4k photovoltaic system depends first and foremost on the cost of the individual components, which can have a significant impact on the overall expense to be incurred but also affect the performance of the system. In detail, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

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The Price of the Components of a 4kW Photovoltaic System

Cost of 4kW Photovoltaic Panels: 

Each type of photovoltaic panel has different costs, depending on the purity of the silicon, the efficiency of the modules, and the power in relation to the dimensions. The most common and economical models are those in polycrystalline silicon, with a yield of around 16-18%, a fairly large surface area, and a price starting from around 70 euros per panel. 

Monocrystalline silicon modules boast a higher efficiency of around 19-21%, and are more compact and performant, with a price starting from around 90-100 euros. Finally, there are the latest generation high-efficiency panels, with an efficiency of 20-25%, small dimensions, and a unit price that can reach up to 200-250 euros for each module.

Cost of the Inverter: 

a fundamental component of photovoltaics is the photovoltaic inverter, the device that converts the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current, in this way, the electricity can be used at home or transferred to the national electricity grid. The cost of the inverter of a 4kW photovoltaic system depends on the technology and power. 

Generally, in these cases, single-phase inverters are used with a price that can range from 600 euros up to approximately 1,200 euros. Among the aspects that increase the cost are smart features, the presence of a network interface, the type of connection of the modules, the efficiency, and the integration of a system monitoring system. 

Installation Costs: 

obviously, in the price of a 4kW turnkey photovoltaic system, the installation costs are already included in the estimate, as are the design costs, the initial inspection, and VAT. The amount depends on the area of ​​residence, the individual company, the type of installation (flat or pitched roof), the masonry works, and any changes to the electrical system.

Management Costs: 

After installation, a 4kW Photovoltaic System requires some ordinary maintenance interventions, such as cleaning the panels and checking the electrical and electronic systems by a qualified technician at least once a year. The average expense is around 100-150 euros per kW, with an indicative cost of 400-600 euros per year for managing the system. 

The Cost of a 4kW Photovoltaic System with Storage

Naturally, the price of a 4kW Photovoltaic System with storage is higher than a standard system, as the purchase and installation of batteries must be considered to store the electricity produced but not consumed at the moment. With a system without storage, the electricity must be used immediately, otherwise, the excess must be transferred to the grid with on-site exchange so as not to waste it, obtaining reimbursement from the GSE (Energy Services Manager).

With storage, however, it is possible to recharge the batteries and use energy when necessary, obtaining greater autonomy compared to the grid to purchase less electricity and increase the share of self-consumption. 

Furthermore, a 4kW photovoltaic system equipped with storage also allows you to connect a heat pump, an ecological system for heating and cooling the house, which also uses the system for the production of domestic hot water. 

This configuration must be designed based on your energy needs, however, it can provide advantages in terms of economic savings and reduction of polluting emissions. The price of storage for 4kW Photovoltaic depends on a series of factors:

Type of Batteries: 

The most accessible storage system is the one made up of nickel/cadmium batteries, which can be purchased at a price of around 3-5,000 euros. This technology has defects in terms of leakage, however, the batteries can be completely discharged without problems and have a considerable lifespan. The best solution is lithium batteries, capable of ensuring high levels of efficiency and superior quality, with a market price from 8,000 to 15,000 euros. 

Capacity, Efficiency, and Size:

In addition to the type of battery, other factors must also be considered such as the capacity of the storage system, the number of charge and discharge cycles that the batteries can support, the efficiency, the size of the storage, and the weight of the batteries. 

The cost of a 4kW photovoltaic system with storage requires an extra investment of around 7,000 euros for 4.8 kWh batteries, or around 9,500 euros for 7.2 kWh storage, with a total cost of around 14- 20,000 euros. In any case, it is necessary to consider the indirect savings achievable with a higher level of self-consumption and the lower withdrawal of energy from the grid. 

How Much Does a 4kW Photovoltaic System Produce?

The production of a 4kW Photovoltaic System depends on many aspects, including the orientation and inclination of the panels, the geographical area, and the efficiency of the system. 

Furthermore, maintenance, installation quality, and site-specific climatic conditions over the years can also have an impact. To estimate the yield of a 4kW Photovoltaic System you can use the free tool made available by the European Commission, with which you can simulate the average monthly yield online.

Assuming a 4 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof of a house in Rome, with a system loss of 14%, crystalline silicon panels, and a standard inclination of 35°, the average monthly production will be:

  • January 327 kWh
  • February 373 kWh
  • March 471 kWh
  • April 525 kWh
  • May 582 kWh
  • June 584 kWh
  • July 639 kWh
  • August 618 kWh
  • September 515 kWh
  • October 448 kWh
  • November 347 kWh
  • December 329 kWh

In this way, it is also possible to calculate how much a 4 kW photovoltaic system produces on average per day, with a minimum value of approximately 10.5 kWh/day in January and a maximum efficiency of 20.6 kWh/day in July, for an annual average of 14.7 kWh/day.

The difference in solar radiation between North and South can reach 25% on average, therefore the simulation carried out for Central Italy can be subject to a variation of approximately 10-15% less or more, depending on the location of the ‘photovoltaic system. The annual production of electricity, however, is generally around 5,300 kWh/year. 

4kW Photovoltaic System: Dimensions and Number of Panels

The Dimensions of a 4kW Photovoltaic System directly depend on the quality of the Panels. Based on the capacity of the modules, it is necessary to install a certain number of panels, furthermore, each technology provides a more or less large surface area for the modules. 

Likewise, the installation site must be taken into account, in fact on a pitched roof it is possible to optimize the space, while on a flat roof the occupied surface increases, as it is necessary to leave a certain distance between the rows of modules to avoid shading.

The Installation area of ​​a 4kW Photovoltaic System is approximately 24-28 square meters for a pitched roof, while the space occupied can reach approximately 36-42 square meters for a flat roof. Considering a single module power of 3-400 Watts, for a 4 kW system it is necessary to install approximately 11-14 photovoltaic panels. 

The dimensions of a 4 – 5 kW photovoltaic system are similar, however, for a 5kW system, you need to take into account approximately 14-18 panels and a surface area of ​​28 to 47 square meters.