8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Original Solar Panels in Pakistan

Do you want to know the Tips & Tricks to Buy Original Solar Panels in Pakistan in 2023? Are you looking for the best tips and tricks for buying and installation of solar panels?

You can buy original solar panels after following these tips and tricks from this article are;

  • Solar Company Must be Certified
  • Warranty Must be on Letterhead
  • Engineers Must be Certified
  • Tier 1 Solar Panels Providers
  • Proper Documentation of Panels
  • Must Buy Large Capacity Solar Panels
  • Solar Panels Should be Compatible with Inverters and Batteries
  • Net Metering

Tips & Tricks to Buy Original Solar Panels

Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to buy solar panels original in Pakistan. By following these best steps you will get the best solar panels for your home.

Solar Company Must be Certified

It is the most important thing to buy solar panels in Pakistan or other countries. The solar panel providers where you buy these solar plates for your home must have certificate GST & NTN Registration.

The staff who install solar panels for their customers also be qualified and engineered.

Solar Panels providers must have 5 to 6 years of experience at least. They also have AEDB registration which confirms their proper experience in this field.

Why Do You Need This?
You need to know about Solar Panels provider certification because solar panels are very costly in Pakistan and if they are not experienced then they will break these panels and lose your money in their hands. Best 20 Shops for Solar Panels in Faisalabad Pakistan

So always see that your company has Certified in their job.

Warranty Must be on Letterhead

When you buy solar panels from the shop then you must carry a letterhead on which a warranty for solar panels or other things is mentioned.

Sometimes these solar panels are unable to do work so you can easily claim them by giving their warranty slip to the shop owner.

If you do have not a warranty slip then they will not listen to your voice.

Solar Panels warranty ranges from 12 to 25 years depending upon the quality of the solar panels.

Inverter warranty ranges from 1 to 5 years.
Grid-type inverter has 5 years warranty like Crown, Nitrox, and SolarMax.

Always buy an IP65 inverter. Best Solar Panels in Low Light in Pakistan in March 2023

The warranty of batteries ranges from 1 to 5 years.

Lithium batteries have at least 5 years warranty.

Tubular has only 1-year guarantee because of acid Water batteries.

Certified Engineers

The engineers Must be Certified by the best colleges and universities and have at least 5 years of experience in this field.

This is the most important thing because solar panel prices are very high. We can not buy solar panels again and again. So if engineers are qualified and experienced then they will do this within a few hours of safety.

If they are not well experienced and qualified then there are maximum chances to damage solar panels and in this way, they will waste your investment.

Must Buy Tier 1 Solar Panels

There are many solar panels that are tier 1 in Pakistan that are

  • Longi
  • Jinko
  • Trina
  • Canadian Solar
  • JA Solar

These solar companies are very reputed in Pakistan so always carry Solar Panels from these companies.

Their electronic accessories are affordable and reliable. They have the best performance and have good ratings and reviews on google.

Their customer support is very quick and they are always available for customer help. I always recommend these companies.

Proper Documentation of Solar Panels

The most important thing to buying solar panels is to see the proper documentation of which company made these solar panels.

There are few reports which ensure the quality of solar panels are
FLASH TEST reports.

If the retailer has a GD copy then we can check where these panels shipped and when.

So please see all reports and if they provide all the tests and reports then he is the genuine provider.

Then we have to buy solar panels as well as batteries, inverters, frames, inverter AC, and fans from this owner.

Must Buy Large Capacity Solar Panels

Large Capacity Solar Panels like 540 watts are the latest technology for 2023 so it will last too many years at least 25.

So make sure to buy solar panels of this capacity or more because these are the latest models and they have a long life span.

On the other hand, solar panels of 450 and 370, watts are the old version and we can’t get their production date.

Also, their life span is too short because these solar panels have an old version.

Their performance isn’t good and they produce energy in smaller amounts.

Solar Panels Should be Compatible with Inverters and Batteries

Make sure that solar panels must be compatible with inverters and batteries because it will damage solar panels. You can buy solar panels online on Daraz.

Net Metering in Pakistan

This is the profitable term in Pakistan because in this situation we can sell our own energy in the form of electricity to the government or other energy providers like in Pakistan NEPRA, LESCO, FESCO, AND KEC.

In this way, we can make electricity in our homes with solar panels and give it to the government or electricity supply company and gain money.

For this next meeting, we have to install at least a 10kw solar system in our homes because at least 5 kw energy is used in our homes and surplus energy can be sold to the government.

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