Does it Matter if Solar Panels are Dirty? (Top Secrets)

Do you want to know about does it matter if solar panels are dirty? Are you facing less efficiency of energy due to dirty solar panels?

Yes, If solar panels are dirty then it can reduce their efficiency by up to 30%. The clean surface of solar panels has full capacity to generate energy by absorbing sunlight. If a 1KW clean surface of solar panels makes 1000 watts of energy then a dirty surface makes only 700 watts of energy.

Nowadays solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice to make energy but there are some questions related to solar panels whether or not it matters if these are dirty.
Some people believe that dirtier panels generate less electricity.
Other people have different opinions that the amount of dirt has no effect on solar panels’ efficiency to make energy.

There are two best types of solar panels crystalline silicon and thin film solar panels. Crystalline silicon solar panels are considered more resident to degradation from dirt and debris than other types of the thin film. It means that they will still work if they will have some dirt on their surface.

On the other hand, thin-film solar panels are more susceptible to degradation from debris and dirt. It means that their efficiency can be reduced a little bit if they become dirty. 8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Original Solar Panels in Pakistan

Do You Know that if you have solar panels of crystalline silicone then you don’t need to worry about keeping them clean daily because their efficiency reduces a little bit?
If you have thin film solar panels then you have to clean them regularly to maintain their efficiency to generate energy for your home.

What Happens if Solar Panels are Dirty?

When we talk about solar panels’ efficiency then there is a question in our mind how much dirt and debris are on the panels? This is because these particles can absorb and deflect sunlight in this way dirt reduces the amount of light that hits on the surface of solar panels cells and gets converter to solar power.

The second loss of dirt is that dirt and debris also cause physical damage to solar cells. In this way, dirt can also damage the cells of the solar plates.

So it’s a very important thing to maintain your solar panels clean in order to maintain solar panels’ efficiency. So we have to clean them professionally on the regular basis. You can also clean them with some soft and clean clothes at home.

What Causes Solar Panel Dirtying?

There are a few reasons that solar panels become dirty including exposure to dust, pollen, and bird droppings. Dirty panels can reduce the sunlight that is able to reach solar cells, which in turn reduces energy generation. Do you want to know which type of solar works better in low light?

Top 4 Ways to Clean Solar Panels

For getting the maximum amount of energy it’s important to Clean Solar Panels regularly. Here we will discuss the top 4 ways to Clean Solar Panels are;

  1. Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe down the panels.
  2. Use a hose and a low-pressure nozzle to rinse the solar off.
  3. Use the best solar panel commercial solutions for cleaning and follow the precautions on the label.
  4. To Clean Solar Panels hire a professional cleaning company.

Top 3 Benefits of Regular Cleaning

There are many benefits of cleaning solar panels but here are we will discuss the top 3 Benefits are;

(A)Increased Efficiency

If we clean solar panels regularly then we can get the maximum amount of electricity but if they are not cleaned and are covered with debris and dirt then it will reduce 30% the efficiency of solar panels in generating electricity.

(B)Prolonged Lifetime

For getting a longer life span of solar panels it is important to clean them. By keeping them clean and then you help solar panels to reach their full life time which is about 12 to 25 years depending upon the quality of solar panels you have.

(C)Improved Aesthetics

Let’s be honest – Dirty solar panels are not good to see at. If we care our homes neat and clean they look good. Its worth gaining time to keep our solar systems clean and sparkling.

Top 3 Regular Cleaning Alternatives

Solar Panels are more efficient when sunlight is present then they convert sunlight into electricity even they’re dirty at all. But if you want to get maximum output of energy from solar panels then you have to keep clean solar system.

There is very good news for solar panels owners and that is there are many best and latest alternatives to regular Cleaning that can help you to Clean your solar system and performance at best.

(A)Washing System by Raining

One and free alternative is to apply washing system that uses raining water to Clean solar panels nowadays on regularly. These systems can be applied directly to downspouts or gutters and they will do this job automatically so we don’t need to worry about it.

(B)Install Panel Shading Device

This is the most trending and popular method to Clean Solar Panels. In this procedure these devices apply at the top of solar panels and then create shade and this will keep dirt and debris from settling on surfaces of solar panels.
Sharing can also help us to cooler our solar plates in hot summer season in this way they will produce best energy in this way their performance also increases.

(C)Installing an Air Filtration System

If you live at the area where heavy dust or pollen are present all the time then you have to apply or install an air filtration system near your solar array.

These systems can help us to remove dust particles from air before they have chance to settle on solar panels.

These are the best methods to Clean Solar Panels freely at home. In this way we can increase the performance of solar panels to generate electricity.

Where to Buy Washers for Solar plates?

There are two main sources where from we can buy washers for solar panels Online or Offline.

Online like Daraz

If you want to buy solar panels washers at home then you have to write something on google then there will be many online websites appear.

Like in Pakistan Daraz is best and most trusted online shopping center for all kinds of stuff in Pakistan.

For internationally you can buy these items from most famous website like Amazon where you can buy all types of things and from whole world.

Offline or Local Market

If you want to buy solar panels washers by watching and touching them you have to go local market near to you. I this way you can buy the things which you want and also gain discount after bargaining.


In this article we hope that now you are well aware of Does it Matter if Solar Panels are Dirty?

We have now enough information about dirty surface area of solar panels can reduce 30% efficiency of panels to generate electricity. If we wash them regularly then we have got full energy instead of 30% loss.

We can wash them by applying washers or other systems which can help us to promote their performance. We can buy them locally from local market where you live . You can buy these solar panels from online like Daraz and Amazon.

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