How Many Solar Plates are Required for AC? (1, 1.5,3 Tons)

Do you want to know how many solar plates are required for Ac in Pakistan in 2023?
Are you afraid of high-cost electricity bills from the government and change it to Solar panels?

For 1 ton AC which uses 1200 to 1500 watts of energy and for reaching this capacity of current, we need 6 solar plates of about 250 watts.

6 Solar Plates will be enough for producing this energy.

If you are using 500 watts Solar plates then you need half a number of plates almost 3 plates.

For 1.5 tons of AC

For 1.5 tons of AC, we have to increase solar plates because for 1.5 AC consumes at least 2500 watts.

If we are using solar plates of about 250 watts then we have to use 10 solar plates for reaching this capacity of current.

Only 5 solar plates will fulfill this if we have 500 watts of plates.

For 3 tons of AC

For 3 tons of AC which uses 3000 to 3500 watts at a time than 12 to 14 solar plates of about 250 watts are required.

Only 6 to 7 solar plates will be reaching this capacity if they are about 500 watts of capacity.

Other Requirements for Running AC on Solar plates.

There are many other requirements that we need to run AC on solar panels. Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan in March 2023 | سولَر پینل قیمت

Solar Panels

The first thing which we need to run AC is Solar Panels.
These are most important because they produce energy for AC.

How does it work?
The answer is very simple. Solar Panels or plates catch the sunlight from the sun and many photo voltaic cells convert this sunlight to electric current.

So solar panels are the raw material for this.

Inverter AC

The 2nd thing is the Inverter AC, not simple AC.

Inverter ACs are the only types of AC that can run on solar panels because they save a lot of energy.


These are required only when there is no Sun at night.

Solar Panels are charging them at day time but when night comes then these batteries will give backup


Cables are needed for connecting solar plates to batteries and then with inverter AC.

The wire should be a very good company because of current goes from solar panels to AC easily.

They should be copper wired


They are necessary for the installation of solar panels on them.

On the roof, solar panels are installed on frames.


This is also very important for charging the battery.

The Total Cost of Solar Panels for 1 Ton AC?

In Pakistan price of 1 ton of AC ranges from 1 lack to 1 lack 20 thousand depending upon the quality of AC material.

The latest inverter AC consumes less electricity but their cost is a little bit high.

A year-old version of AC is low rates about 90k in Pakistan in the month of march.

6 plates need a one-ton ac about 250 watts and their total cost is about 90k in Pakistan.

The inverter price is almost 30 thousand.

Cables and frames are also needed for installation and the total cost them is almost 20k.

So total expenses for 1 ton AC in Pakistan on solar panels are ranging from 2.5 lacks to 3 lacks in the month of march in Pakistan in 2023.

Where from buying these Solar Panels?

We should buy these from your near local market or near the city.

But if you do have not time for this you can also buy this online on the best and most trusted website like Daraz online shopping center in Pakistan.


At the end of this article, we hope that now you are well aware of How Many Solar Plates are Required for AC?
In this article, we learned about how many plates are required for 1 ton AC and we got the answer.
We need 6 solar plates for 1 ton AC about 250 watts.

For 1.5 tons of AC need 10 solar plates and for 3 tons of AC need 12 to 15 Solar plates.

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