Longi Solar Panel 540-Watt Price in Pakistan 2024

Longi Solar Panel 540-Watt Price ranges from just 32,000 to 33,000 rupees nowadays in Pakistan according to per watt 56 to 58 rupees. Longi solar panels are the most famous and considered Tier 1 solar panels in Pakistan in 2024.

Longi Solar Panels are a very popular and trending option in Pakistan because of their efficiency and potential to make energy that is more than other solar panels in Pakistan. Longi Solar Panel can make enough energy that run mills, factories, turbines, tube wells, and more things.

Longi Solar Panel Price ranges from just 6,000 rupees for a small solar panel like 100-watt and 59,000 rupees for a large solar panel like 1000-watt in Pakistan at the start of this year 2024. The per watt price for Longi solar panels is also very low which is about 56 to 59 rupees in Pakistan.