Orientation and Inclination of Photovoltaic Panels

The correct positioning of Solar Panels plays a very important role in determining the efficiency of a Photovoltaic System. In fact, both the orientation of the Photovoltaic Panels and their inclination are factors to be taken seriously into consideration if you want to switch to Solar Energy

The production of solar energy, which varies depending on the geographical position and the time of year, increases if the sun’s rays reach the surface of the panels perpendicularly. For this reason, learning about the optimal orientation of Photovoltaic Panels is crucial to maximizing Energy Efficiency, reducing bills, and helping the planet.

Position of Solar Panels: Why is it so Important?

The installation of a Photovoltaic System represents an advantageous solution from several points of view. However, to obtain the maximum benefit from a photovoltaic system, it is essential that the positioning of the solar panels is done correctly on the roof of the house. Understanding How to orient the Photovoltaic Panels and their ideal inclination, in fact, helps to make the photovoltaic system as industrious as possible, as it allows you to: 

Position of Solar Panels: Why is it so Important?

Maximize Energy Efficiency: 

The better exposure of solar panels makes them able to capture the maximum amount of sunlight available during the day, increasing electricity production. Furthermore, by paying attention to the inclination of the Photovoltaic Panel, it is possible to optimize exposure to the sun during the different seasons and minimize shading, a factor that significantly reduces the ability to generate energy.

Reduce Energy Costs:  

Making the most of Solar Energy means achieving greater energy self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on conventional energy sources and the costs associated with them.

Contribute to Environmental Sustainability: 

Solar Energy is a renewable and clean source. Consequently, the correct positioning of photovoltaic panels makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, contributing to the fight against climate change.

But what are the instructions to follow to obtain the best exposure to solar panels? The two main aspects to pay attention to are:

  • Orientation: Orientation refers to the direction the solar panels are facing, usually indicated by the cardinal points. To maximize energy production, solar panels should face south.
  • Inclination: Inclination, on the other hand, concerns the slope, as well as the angle at which the solar panels form with respect to the horizontal line of the ground (or roof). The different inclinations influence the angle with which the sun comes into contact with the solar panels, and the optimal inclination of the Photovoltaic Panels varies based on the latitude and the time of year, in any case, approximately the ideal indication is 20 -30°.

How to Orient Photovoltaic Panels

The first step in positioning the Photovoltaic Panels is to choose the side of the roof on which they are to be mounted. The best choice is generally represented by the southern side: since the maximum energy production occurs when the panels are perpendicular to the sun’s rays, the best orientation of the Photovoltaic Panels is to the south (with an azimuth angle equal to 180°)

However, not everyone has the possibility or space to orient the panels so that they face south, and in some cases, the south side may find itself partially obscured by other buildings or natural elements that cause frequent shading. 

In these cases, how should the photovoltaic panels be oriented? It is good to know that modern solar panels are able to absorb large quantities of sunlight even in the presence of less-than-optimal radiation conditions. 

For this reason, an orientation of the Photovoltaic Panels to the southeast or southwest still allows for excellent system efficiency and loses a small amount of energy compared to panels oriented to the south. It is underlined, however, that the orientation of Photovoltaic Panels to the north is not recommended: once an angle of 45° with respect to the south is exceeded, in fact, the loss of efficiency and the decrease in Energy Production become significant.

Inclination of Photovoltaic Panels

If the ideal orientation of photovoltaic panels is undoubtedly the south, as regards the best inclination the matter becomes a little more complicated because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are the main factors to consider to know the ideal inclination of the Photovoltaic Panels (or tilt angle) of a specific building:

Energy Production: 

The amount of energy needed to satisfy a family’s needs can influence the inclination of the panels.

Roof Shape: 

In addition to the energy requirement, it is important to consider the aesthetic and functional aspects. Since each roof has its own inclination, orientation, and slope, it is important to position the panels so that they are both efficient and well-integrated into the urban landscape.


The inclination of the solar panels is calculated based on the latitude of the place where they are installed. In regions near the equator, the inclination is smaller, while in areas further from the equator a greater inclination is necessary to maximize exposure to the sun.

Time of Year: 

The inclination with which the sun’s rays reach the photovoltaic panels not only depends on the geographical position but also on the time of year in which you are located. By knowing the latitude of the place it is possible to calculate the minimum and maximum height of the Sun at midday and measure the ideal inclination so that the panels are perpendicular to the sunlight at midday, so as to make the most of the rays. Based on specific energy needs, a family can choose whether to use a tilt that maximizes solar energy during the winter or during the summer.

Normally once all these factors have been taken into consideration, it is important to remember that to best understand how to position the Photovoltaic Panels on your roof you must ensure that they are as perpendicular as possible to the sun’s rays, both in terms of Orientation and Inclination.

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