Should We Install Solar Panels in Pakistan in 2023(Best Reasons)

Do you want to know whether Should We Install Solar Panels in Pakistan in 2023?
Are you looking for finding the best solution for producing energy instead of the high cost of electricity in Pakistan?

Yes, we should install solar panels in our homes in Pakistan because of the increasing prices of electricity in Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in renewable resources like solar, wind, biogas, and atomic energy.

But there is a lot of potential for solar panels in Pakistan because of their performance and ease of installing them. This is a one-time investment, and we will enjoy free energy for our whole life.

Although its initial expenses are very high in Pakistan ranging from 100k to 200k rupees in Pakistan for only 1KW depending upon the energy capacity you want to install in your homes.

Pakistan is a south Asian country and has a 22 crore population in the latest census 2017.
It has a large area about 8 lack square kilometers.

Because of the large population in the world, its energy need is also increasing nowadays. Our country has natural resources like coal, oil, natural gas, salt, iron ores, copper, and salt mine. Our country also has excellent potential to generate hydropower due to the large amount of water in rivers.

But in our country, there is enormous mismanagement in economic and political instability. So that is why our country is unable to generate and fulfill its energy needs. Now we are facing huge energy crises in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, energy usage has increased rapidly in recent years due to the huge population and economic development.

But there is no increase in electricity as the population is increasing so much.
Pakistan’s energy sector is heavily reliant on fossil fuels particularly on natural gas 57% oil 30% and coal 9%.
Now we are facing a high cost of electricity in our country because of the above-mentioned issues.

So in Pakistan solar power is a free, clean, and renewable energy source that can be used to make energy without emitting gases like a greenhouse.

In Solar Powe energy there are many photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to electric power. solar panels are becoming increasingly cost-competitive with other energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas in Pakistan.

Advantages Install Solar Panels in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are a lot of advantages to installing solar panels.

  • It is a renewable resource so it will never be finished.
  • It has not any pollution because it has a very small carbon footprint.
  • Solar Panels energy help to lower electricity bills.
  • It will reduce the amount of energy that needs to be purchased from the grid.
  • It can also provide a backup power source in case of power outages.
  • It can increase your home because they are seen as desirable energy-saving features.

Disadvantages Install Solar Panels in Pakistan

  • It is costly to install in Pakistan.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance in our country.
  • These are not very efficient in the hot climates of Pakistan.
  • They can be dangerous if not installed correctly.
  • They require a large area.

Cost Of Solar Panels installation in Pakistan

In Pakistan, solar system installation cost is a little bit very high as compared to other countries like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and China. 8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Original Solar Panels in Pakistan

How our government of Pakistan has been providing subsidies to their people for the last few years which has made it more affordable for people to install solar panels in Pakistan.

Their average cost of solar panels varies from Rs. 1 lakh (US$1500), and the government subsidy can bring it down to around 60k rupees ($900).

Potential Benefits to the Population of Solar Panels in Pakistan

This is the increasing choice for making energy like electricity, as it gives a lot of potential benefits over traditional fossil fuels-based power generation.

They can be installed individually for homes and businesses or on a larger scale to provide energy to the whole community.

In Pakistan are a lot of potential benefits that Solar Panels will offer to the Pakistani population.

It helps us to reduce Pakistan’s dependence on fossil fuels by importing

Government Policies Towards Installing Solar Panels

Our Government of Pakistan has been encouraging the use of solar power via a number of policies and incentives in recent years for Pakistani people.

In 2013 the Pakistani government launched its first solar power policy which aimed to increase the use of Solar power in Pakistan. Night Solar Panels in Pakistan | Which Solar Panel Work at Night
This solar panels 2013 policy gives a number of incentives to individuals and businesses to install solar panels which includes subsidies and tax breaks.

This solar panel policy was successful in increasing the installation capacity of solar power in Pakistan from just over 1MV in 2013 to almost 200MV in 2016

Discussion on Other Renewable Energy Options in Pakistan


At the end of this article, I hope that now you are well aware of whether Should We Install Solar Panels in Pakistan in 2023?

We learned a lot about the installation of solar in Pakistan has a number of advantages.
We also learned what is their cost in Pakistan which ranges from 1 lakh rupees now in Pakistan in 2023.
Pakistan’s government has been providing subsidies to their people in place of taxes breaks.
We can buy these solar panels from Pakistan’s best Online shopping center Daraz.

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