Solar Panel Installation Cost in Pakistan in 2023?  سولَر پینل لاگت

Do you want to know How Much Solar Panel Installation Costs in Pakistan in 2023? Are you looking the installing solar panel in your home because of the high cost of electricity prices in Pakistan?

The average solar panel installation cost in Pakistan in 2023 varies between 9 lacks to 10 lacks for the 5KW (FIVE KILO WATT).

The average daily output of a 5KW solar panel system is between 21 to 25 units.

In Pakistan, the average daily electricity utilization is around 30 to 35 units per day, especially in the summer season.

In the winter season, this utilization cost becomes very low because we don’t need to run AC, or Fans so its consumption becomes a little bit between 10 to 15 units per day.

This 5Kilo Watt (5KW) solar panel system covers 70 to 80 percent of daily electricity needs in Pakistan.

In this way, we can save thousands to lack rupees per year by installing these amazing solar panel systems in our homes. Although its initial expenses are very high when seeing its benefits for the long term then this is nothing to worry about.

In this article, we will discuss everything about solar panel installation costs in Pakistan, how it works, solar panel types, its benefits and also some drawbacks, its subsidies from the government, and everything you need to know about solar panel installation.

How Does It Work?

When we install solar panels or plates on the roof of our homes then these plates have many photovoltaic cells. These cells catch the sunlight and convert it to the current. What is Solar Panel Energy in Pakistan? شمسی توانائی

In this way, electricity is produced and This is free energy in Pakistan. Its initial expenditures are high in purchasing solar plates and batteries.

Solar Panel Installation Cost in Pakistan

Solar Energy Prices in Pakistan
Solar Energy Prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, solar energy prices are very high compared to our neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, and also the USA.

But its purchasing is once time investment because it lasts 25 to 40 years. So we consider that when we buy it then our life will use it whole.

The cost of installation and maintenance of a 5KW solar system is 9 lacks to 10 lacks depending upon the quality of the solar panels for the whole house in which you can run the Fridge, pressor, bulbs, and TV.

If you buy only one plate which can run an inverter fan then its price in the local market in Pakistan is 14k to 16k.

Pros and Cons of Solar Panel Energy


  1. It is free of cost energy.
  2. It is renewable energy from the sun.
  3. It reduces our electricity bills which are very high nowadays.
  4. It has a very low maintenance cost.
  5. One-time investment.


  1. Its initial expenses are very high.
  2. It is totally weather dependent because it needs sun.
  3. It carries a lot of space for solar plates.

The Appliances We Can Run on Solar Panel

On 5KW we can run many things because it is a very large amount of electricity. The things which we can run are as followings;

  • 10 lights (both spotlights and track lighting) or energy saver bulbs.
  • 05 ceiling fans
  • 01 air conditioner (AC) or iron

Solar Energy Subsidies in Pakistan

Our government of Pakistan gives their best and most reliable subsidies for both commercial usage for growing industries as well as for home.

These subsidies are more reliable for the poor farmers of Pakistan because they don’t have many resources. Pakistani government gives subsidies for tube-well and this is an amazing initiative.

Our government also gives subsidies to industries for applying these solar energy panels and they make their own electricity.

They provide a 5kW system at an exceptionally low cost that will never disappoint you since it is supported by worldwide warranty policies from leading suppliers such as Canadian Solar and JA Solar, to mention two firms that provide high-quality goods throughout the Asia Pacific area.


At the end of this amazing and informative article, we hope now you are well aware of How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Costs in Pakistan?

In this article we learned a lot about what is solar energy panels, how does it work, its prices ranges, and subsidies from the Pakistani government.

This is the best modern green energy project because it has no pollution at all. We also learned that it is free of cost and has renewable resources in Pakistan. Read more about tech news

Our country is rich in the field of sunlight because the sun is present all year so it is a very good advantage for Pakistani people.

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