Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan in March 2023 | سولَر پینل قیمت

Do you want to know about Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan in march 2023?
Are you looking for the best and most up-to-date information about solar panel prices in Pakistan in the month of march?

The average price of solar panels in Pakistan ranges from 14k to 16k in the month of march 2023 for a single solar plate or solar panel.

If we see these prices per Watt then these prices also vary from 130 to 140 Rupees per watt.

There are 4 types of solar panels in Pakistan so their price also depends upon the type of solar panels.

For monocrystalline solar cells, their prices are 14k to 16k in Pakistan.

For polycrystalline solar cells, prices are 46k to 50k in Pakistan in the month of march.

For PERC solar panels their prices are from 70k to 80k.

And 4th types of solar panels are thin film solar panels and their prices are 65k to 75k in the month of march in Pakistan.

In this article we will explore the price ranges of solar panels prices in Pakistan in the Month of march, we will also discuss why their prices are increasing day by day,

what factors affect their prices in Pakistan, and whether should we buy solar panels now and wait for a few months.

Factors Affect Solar Prices in Pakistan

There are three main and latest factors that affect the prices of solar panels in Pakistan.

An inflation rate of Pakistani rupees

The Pakistani rupee is losing its importance in the local market so solar panel prices are increasing in Pakistan’s local market. Solar Panel Installation Cost in Pakistan in 2023?  سولَر پینل لاگت
Everyone is very disappointed by this situation because everyone is trying to install these solar panels in their homes for saving money.

The dollar rate is increasing

Because of dollar rate is increasing in Pakistan because of their shortage in Pakistan so solar panel prices in Pakistan are increasing every day.

This is because we will buy these plates from other countries so when the dollar rate ups then prices of solar panels automatically increase.
This is the worst situation in Pakistan because everyone in Pakistan wants to convert their high-cost electricity to free solar panel energy.

Pakistan ban on import

Pakistan’s government has banned imports because we have very low resources of dollars in Pakistan.
This factor also causes increased prices in Pakistan of solar panels.

Pakistan’s local market has a very low stock of solar panels and which have this stock has its own prices.
Our government should remove the ban on imports.
When LC,s will open then we will get large stock in Pakistan’s local market then their prices will be low.

Should We Buy Solar Panels in March?

Yes of course we have to buy solar panels in the month of march in Pakistan in 2023 now because in this month the dollar rate is stable with our rupees currency.

The second main thing is that our stockers have enough stock of solar panels so now they wouldn’t increase prices now. Top 4 Types Of Solar Panels Available in Pakistan | سولَر پینل اقسام

Pakistan government has opened a ban on imports for this month at the end of this month so we will have a large stock of solar panels in Pakistan at the end of this month in march.

Nowadays the weather is good and cool because of spring but later on, when the summer season will come then the hot season will come and there will be load shedding in Pakistan.

So this thing will also increase solar panels prices in Pakistan in the Month of may june or onward.

So we suggest you buy solar panels now.

Which Type of Solar Panels Should be Bought?

There are 4 types of solar panels in Pakistan also in the whole world.

All are the best and made of the latest technology.

According to the users of solar panels in Pakistan Monocrystalline solar panels are best because of their performance and storage capacity of current in them.

They are also cheap because they formed only one type of silicone cells.

Their price is also affordable and reliable in Pakistan locally and online both.

Our suggestion is that buy Monocrystalline solar panels in Pakistan in the Month of march 2023.

Where To Buy Solar Panels Online or Offline

Online on Daraz

Daraz is the best and most trusted website in Pakistan.

It has always had good reviews from customers because of its good quality things in Pakistan.

So we can also buy Solar Panels or any other things from this online shop store
There is always a sale on Daraz in the full year so from daraz, you can get a discount of 10 to 20%.

Here is also an advantage of buying things online and that is you don’t need to go to the local market and consume your precious time.
Just see your choice on Daraz, see its price and reviews.
Finally, you can order and get this thing on your way.

Offline local market

Are you near your local city in Pakistan?

Then you can easily buy solar panels from the local markets of cities in Pakistan.

There is an advantage of buying things offline in the local market and that is you can physically see and touch solar plates.

By seeing and touching you can imagine what kind of this thing is made of and how good is that.

There is another and most important factor in the local market and that is you can bargain on your choice and in this way you can get major discounts up to 20%.

But there is a drawback and that is you have to consume a lot of time.

For this you have to go to many shops then you will get your favorite one according to your choice.

I suggest you buy electronics offline and that is good for you.


In the end, we hope that you are now well aware of solar panel prices in Pakistan in march 2023.
In this article, we learned about updated prices of solar panels in Pakistan’s local market.
Solar panel prices are very high nowadays because of our stockers play an important part in this.
Our devaluation in our Pakistani rupees also causes the main factor in increasing prices.
There is the most important and main factor of increasing prices is our government of Pakistan’s ban on the import of LC,s so it is also causing increasing prices.

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