Top 10 Solar Panels Shops in Lahore Pakistan 2023 (Best Guide)

Do you want to know about the Top 10 Solar Panels Shops in Lahore in Pakistan in 2023?

Are you looking for the best solar panels providers in Lahore where you can get the best solar panels for your home?

Here we will discuss the most trusted and famous shops Solar Panels in Lahore Pakistan.

  • Al Rehman Solar System & UPS Lahore
  • Generator City & Solar Energy System
  • Solar Panels in Lahore
  • Premium Solar Solution
  • MB Solar Energy
  • Solar Me
  • Solar Power Light Lahore
  • Inverex Solar Solution
  • Mehar Solar System Installation
  • Zorays Solar Pakistan
  • Max Power (Hall Road Branch)
  • Smart Solar
  • Premier Energy Pvt ltd
  • Best Solar Company in Lahore
  • Shaheen Electronics & Solar Panels

These are the best and most trusted shops in Lahore Pakistan and they have good reviews and ratings on google.

Do You Know What They Offer ok their products?

They give a special discount on their products of up to 10 to 20 percent on all accessories.

They have all types of solar panels in their shops 250 watts to 500 watts.

They all have low-quality as well as high-quality solar panels.

For high-quality solar panels prices is also very high but these costly products also have very good performance and life span.

Low-quality solar panels have a low price but their performance is too low and if we talk about their life span then this is also a very short time. 1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan in March 2023 (Punjab)

Now we will discuss each solar panel provider’s location and their reviews and discuss them one by one.

Al Rehman Solar System & UPS Lahore

RATING; It has a 4.8 rating from its customers.

LOCATION; Its location is Ednan abad near khyaban amen Lahore Punjab Pakistan


Generator City & Solar Energy System Lahore

This shop has a 4.9 rating on google because of its good service.

Location is 144-1, B-2, Muhammad Ali Chowk, College Road, Township block Lahore, Punjab Pakistan.

Services; Solar Panels and Batteries like dry & acid.

Solar Panels in Lahore

This shop has a good presence on google with a 5-star rating.

Location; G867+PV3, Market Rd, Block B Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Services; Solar panels. How Many Solar Plates are Required for AC? (1, 1.5,3 Tons)

Premium Solar Solution

Rating; It has a 4.8 rating on google.

Location; Basement 7,8, Beneath Food, Parliament Mian Plaza, Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Services; Solar panels and batteries

MB Solar Energy

Rating; It has a 4.8 rating on google.

Location; H#160B, Block G 1 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, 54000

Services; Solar panels and batteries

Do We Get Solar Panels in Homes?

Yes, you can get solar panels for your home from these well-reputed shops in Lahore.

Just Call them on their phone numbers to fix your deal.

After dealing with them they will send their special electricians to your destination at the address which you provided them.

Their service is very good and reliable.

They have a very well-equipped staff.

How Many Rupees They Will Charge for Work at Home?

They will charge just 2 to 4 thousand rupees per day depending upon the quantity of work.

If the work is small and takes a day then just a worker do this within a day and takes just 2k rupees.

If the work is big then more than 1 person will complete this task then their labor is also large.

Simply they will charge 2k rupees per day per person

Do They Offer Free Shipping in Pakistan?

Yes, they offer free shipping on their accessories, especially on Solar Panels.

But there are some limitations too if you purchase a lot of things or things of big amount like 1 lack to t lacks then they will offer you free shipping because in this way they earn more profit.

How Many Things Can We Run on Solar plates?

It totally depends upon the capacity of your solar panels.

If you buy a solar plate of 250 watts then you can run only a fan and one to 3 bulbs on this solar plate.

If you have 500 watts solar plate then you can run twice like 2 fans and 3 to 5 bulbs or energy savers.

Can We Run All Home Appliances on Solar Systems?

Yes, You can run all of your home electric accessories on solar panels but here you need to buy too many solar panels to reach this capacity.

For all home energy usage, you need to 3kw to 4kw energy from solar.

For this, you need to buy or install at least 6 solar plates of about 500 watts.

If you install 6 solar panels then the total energy from these is 3k watts.

In this energy, you can run 5 fans, 10 bulbs, a fridge, and LED TV at a time.
If you want to run a water pump or compressor then you have to switch off the fridge this time.

In this way, you can save a lot of amounts.

What’s the Total Cost of Installation for 3K Watts in Pakistan?

In the month of march in Pakistan prices are very high.

For 500 watts of solar panels, you need to consume at least 50k rupees in Pakistan.

How Many Rupees Can We Save?

On Solar energy, we can save thousands of rupees per month and millions a year.

In Pakistan, electricity prices are increasing every day.

The per unit price in Pakistan ranges from 20 to 40 rupees.

Taxes are also very high in Pakistan.


At the end of this informative article Top 10 Solar Panels Shops in Lahore Pakistan 2023 (Best Guide)

We learned where are the best solar panels shops in great Lahore Pakistan. For online purchasing, Daraz is the best Pakistani website.

There is a number of shops for electricity in Lahore.

But the shops which we have discussed above are the top rated on google because those got the best reviews and ratings from people who purchased from them.

In this post, we also learned how many rupees can we save if we bought solar panels from these well-reputed shops.


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