Top 700-Watt Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan | Updated 2023

Do you want to know about 700-watt solar panel prices in Pakistan in April 2023? Are you looking for finding the best solution for another source of energy because of the high price of electricity in Pakistan?

The average price for a 700-watt solar panel in Pakistan ranges from 47,000 To 90,000 Rupees nowadays. This price also includes both costs of installation and solar panels. In Pakistan prices of solar panels are very high as compared to other neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and China. The main reason for the high cost is that our government has a ban on imports because these solar panels are carried from other countries.

However, the prices of solar panels have decreased dramatically in the few years due to technological advancement and mass production. When these solar panels were discovered their prices are much higher than now because this is a new and advanced technology.

Nowadays scientists are continuously working on that to make cheap solar panels for poor people and those who want to install them in their homes but they don’t have money to purchase it.

Now we will discuss some more about what is the solar system and how they get popularity. Because solar panels generate energy that is free solar panels are an increasingly popular way, particularly in Pakistan where the sun is abundant during the day times. Trina Solar 670W Price in Pakistan | Updated April 2023

Factors that Affect Prices of Solar Panels in Pakistan

Many factors affect the prices of solar panels in Pakistan. Here we will discuss the most important and latest ones in Pakistan are;

1. The Type of Solar Panel

In Pakistan, there are mostly two famous types of solar panels MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANELS and POLYCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANELS.

Monocrystalline solar panels are made from just one type of silicon crystal, while polycrystalline solar panels are made from multiple Crystals of silicon.

However monocrystalline solar panels are considered more efficient to convert sunlight to electric power but these are also too expensive.

Polycrystalline solar panels are less efficient but have low prices as compared to other solar panels.

2. The Size of the Solar Panel

Big-size solar panels have more cells so their prices are very high because in making large-size solar panels the material is also used in a large amount.

On the other side Small size solar panels have low prices because they have a low quantity of cells and material of manufacturing in them.

Overview of 700-Watt Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Typical solar panels of 700 watts in Pakistan can cost between Rs. 180000 to Rs. 240000 in Pakistan in April 2023. The cost of solar panels system depends on various reasons such as the quality of panels, the type of inverter used, the installer chosen, etc.

Good quality solar panels have a longer period which lasts from 15 to 25 years with very professional maintenance.

Factors Affecting the Price of Solar Panels in Pakistan

Many factors affect solar panel prices in Pakistan. Here we will discuss the top 5 factors are;

1. Solar Panels Price in The World Market

Solar Panels Prices have sharply fallen in the world market in recent years and are currently at around 0.30 USD per watt. This is the main factor that affects the prices of solar panels in Pakistan.

2. The Pakistani Rupee/US dollar exchange rate

The dollar rate in Pakistan nowadays is 280 Rupees per dollar which is the highest ever in Pakistan. This means that the cost of imported Solar Panels in Pakistan is about 25 to 30 percent higher than in the united states of America. This is also the main factor in Pakistan to increase prices.

3. Heavy Customs Duty in Pakistan

Our government of Pakistan imposes a 5% customs duty on imported Solar Panels which is also very high and the main factor in high pricing.

4. Heavy Sales tax in Pakistan

Pakistan’s government imposes a 17% sales tax on local manufacturing and importing solar panels which is also very huge.

5. Heavy Transport Costs:

The solar panels have weight so are bulky and heavy which is why their rent to transport is very high for longer distances.

Local suppliers offer free and reduced-cost delivery to increase sales. But international suppliers must include costs in their quoted prices.

Popular Brands and Models of 700-Watt Solar Panels in Pakistan

The most famous reliable and affordable popular brands are Longi, Jinko, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Suntech, and Trina Solar Panels.

1. Suntech Solar Panels

offer STC 70W Solar panel which is most popular for those people who are looking for high quality at an affordable price. Suntech Solar Panels have an efficiency of about 15.6 percent and this thing made it a more efficient option in the local market in Pakistan.
They give at least 25 years warranty and better performance.

2. Jinko Solar Panels

offer JKM 700W Solar Panel is also a very good choice. Its efficiency is about 16 percent and this thing makes it more and more efficient in the local market in Pakistan.
They also give 25 years warranty on solar panels.

3. Trina Solar Panels

This company offers the TSM 70A solar panel which is another amazing choice for those who are looking for finding high-quality affordable panels in Pakistan. The efficiency of this panel is also 16 percent.
They also give 25 years warranty on solar panels and performance is very high in Pakistan.

4. Canadian Solar

It is also a very famous brand of solar panels in Pakistan which is made in China. They also give 25 years warranty on solar panels and have 16 percent efficiency.

Benefits of Installing 700-watt Solar Panels in Pakistan

There are many benefits of solar panels in Pakistan and here will discuss the most important and trending ones are;

1. Save Money on Our Electricity Bills

They can generate electricity which is free so in this way, it saves money at least 50 to 60 percent which is a huge amount. We can save money by solar panels in Pakistan at least 25 to 40k rupees in the year.

2. Get Tax Breaks and Other Incentives

Our beloved government of Pakistan gives their people tax breaks and incentives who want to install these solar panels in their homes or anywhere like factories and offices.

3. Increase the Value of Home

This amazing technology will increase the value of your home by up to 4 percent.

4. Help the Environment

This is a Clean energy source so that is why it is called environment friendly in Pakistan.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we hope that now you are well aware of the Top 700-Watt Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan | Updated 2023.

In this article, we learned a lot about 700-watt solar panel prices in Pakistan in April 2023. We have also discussed their features and details. These are the best solar panels in Pakistan which can save money by generating free energy for us. In this way, we can save thousands or millions of rupees in Pakistan in the year.

Here we discussed their best and top types and their efficiency, performance, and price ranges. If you want to buy these Solar Panels online then Pakistan’s best Online shopping center Daraz is the best in 2023. If you want to buy solar panels from us then we will give you at least 20% discussion.

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