What is Solar Panel Energy in Pakistan? شمسی توانائی

Do you want to know about What is solar panel energy in Pakistan? Are you looking for getting free energy because you are afraid of the high cost of electricity in Pakistan?

Solar energy or solar power is the free energy that we gain from the Sun and it is absolutely free of cost. Its initial expenditures are a little bit costly because we have to purchase solar plates also known as solar panels for this purpose.

In Pakistan, just one solar panel or plate price varies from 14k to 16k. The other thing we keep in mind is that we have to buy these things which are compatible with solar energy like inverter fans, inverter AC, and inverter TV.

Once we have set up solar panel energy then we will enjoy unlimited power without an electricity bill or fees.
Once you install it in your home then it will last many years at least 25 to 30 years and if you care about it properly then it will last as long as your lifetime.

In this amazing and up-to-date article in 2023, we will discuss everything about solar panel energy, its initial expenditures, its advantages and disadvantages, and much more that will help you to install it in your home.

How does it work?

How does it work?
How does it work?

We place Solar panels or Solar plates in front of the sun. Solar plates have many photovoltaic cells. These photo voltaic cells convert Sunlight to electricity and we get it by applying cable with a solar panel plate.

We get this Solar energy from the Sun through Solar panels or Solar plates. It is made of many photo voltaic cells which are connected together and produce electricity from the sun.

In the day when the sun is present, we get electric power directly but when the sun sets we can use electricity from the battery. What is Solar Panel Energy in Pakistan?
We can also store this Solar energy in a battery for the nighttime when there is no sun.
It is environment-friendly energy.
In Pakistan, solar energy gets more popular day by day because the prices of electricity increase very high because we produce electricity on oil, gas, and coil.

Advantages of Solar Panel Energy in Pakistan

Solar power gets popular nowadays in the whole world especially in Pakistan because,
It is free of cost.
It is a renewable resource.
It has no pollution.
Sun is always present so we get a very large amount of electricity from it.

Disadvantages of Solar Panel Energy in Pakistan

In fact, this is free of cost energy and we get it from the sun which is the best source of light but it has also disadvantages like its initial expenses are high.
We have to buy solar panels which cost are very high.
Second, we have to buy batteries to store energy for the night time which is also very costly.

Types of Solar Panels in the Pakistan Market

There are four main and famous types of solar panels available in the Pakistani market nowadays in 2023 and these are very famous and give 100% performance, 

  1. monocrystalline, 
  2. polycrystalline,
  3. PERC,
  4. and thin-film panels.

Cost of Installing Solar Panels in Pakistan

A 5KW solar panel system price in Pakistan in 2023 is between Rs. 9,60,000 to Rs. 1,000,000. The average performance daily output of a 5KW solar system is between 21 to 25 units.

Government Subsidies & Incentives

Our government gives financial support to the farmers because they play a very important role in the economy of our country.

Pakistan’s government gives solar panel tubes well on low rates and also gives a 50% subsidy. This is a great motivation for the farmers.

Potential Future Developments in Pakistani Solar Energy

In the future, solar panel energy has a very large potential for the development of Pakistan because it is free energy and we need it.


In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of what is solar energy in Pakistan.
In this article, we learned a lot about Solar energy or Solar plates.

We learned its definitions that how it works, its prices in Pakistan and also in the whole world like the USA, its pros and cons, and whether can we buy it from an online website or offline shop.
It is free energy that we get from sunlight. Read more about the latest tech news

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