Where are Solar Panels Made in Pakistan | April 2023

Do you want to know where are solar panels made in Pakistan or the whole world in 2023?
Are you looking for finding the best solar panels company in Pakistan that you can buy for your home or office?

In Pakistan, there is only a company Netline group of companies by Umair Zaravy working to make Solar Panels in Pakistan. They will make solar panels in Pakistan in 2026 and then the next era of progress start in Pakistan.

Pakistan has great potential for solar panels because the sun is present in our country for more than half of the day. There are only a few days in this great country when the sun isn’t present the complete day. Few days in Winter when fog is spread and some rainy days in Summer.

We always carry Solar Panels from other countries like China, the USA, Germany, and others. In this, we have to pay the high cost of solar panels in dollars. The dollar price as compared to the Pakistani rupee is very high and continuously increasing every day in Pakistan.

So that is why solar panels are very expensive in Pakistan. But if they are made in our country in Pakistan then their price will be in rupees and they will be available at low price.

Our businessman and rich people are continuously trying their best to make these solar panels in Pakistan. They are investing millions of rupees in this great industry to grow in Pakistan.

Within a few months or years, we will succeed to make these solar panels in Pakistan and our dream of bright nights in Pakistan will be achieved.

Pakistani Government also encourages businessmen to run this industry in Pakistan. Pakistani Government giving them incentives in place of tax breaks for five years to follow this solar panels industry in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, electricity prices are increasing continuously and poor people are unable to pay these high-cost electricity bills. So that is why they are finding another solution in replace of government electricity.

Although solar panels expenditures are very high this is a one-time investment.

Overview of Solar Panels in Pakistan

In Pakistan to power homes and businesses, these solar panels are an increasingly popular choice. These are made from photovoltaic cells which have the job to convert sunlight to electric power.

This electricity can be used to run appliances like bulbs to light our homes or offices.
These solar panels are a clean and renewable source of energy and they can help us to save money on our energy bills.

Overview of the Solar Industry in Pakistan

Our Country is one of the best countries in the world which have great potential to make electricity through renewable resources like Solar, Wind, Hydro, or Atomic energy. This country has 50,000 MV of solar energy PV potential and at least 649,00 MV of wind potential which is a huge amount from free and renewable resources.

Although we are gaining only 2.6% of energy from these renewable resources still now. A huge amount of electricity is produced from natural gas about 70% and from oil 19% from Coal 9% and from hydro only 1%.

By 2030 our country has set a target to increase this renewable energy in its Power mix to 30%. Pakistani Government has also made a plan to install 5 GW of solar energy and 2 GW of wind energy by 2025.

In order to get this big target government has given a number of policies and incentives to their people for solar panels and wind developers which include tax breaks and cheap financing in Pakistan.

The solar Panels industry is still in its early stages in Pakistan but also growing very speedy. In the current situation, there are about 200MV solar panels PV installed in Pakistan.
The majority of solar panels are located in Punjab 78% followed by Sindh 17% and KPK 5%.

Benefits of Solar Power in Pakistan

  • It is a free energy source
  • It is a renewable energy source
  • It is called green energy to not have pollution.
  • It is absolutely free pollution source.
  • It is clean and environmentally friendly.
  • It can fulfill our energy needs in Pakistan.
  • It can help us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels importing.
  • It can help us to develop new jobs for people.
  • It can also help to improve the air quality of Pakistan.
  • It can help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Types of Solar Panels Available in Pakistan

There are 4 latest and most famous types of solar panels in Pakistan nowadays are

  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Polycrystalline solar panels
  • PERC Solar panels
  • And Thin-film Solar Panels

Do you want to know the complete detail of these 4 types of solar panels, their prices, and their characteristics?

Where are Solar Panels Made in Pakistan?

There are many manufacturing companies of solar panels in Pakistan nowadays. The majority of solar panel companies are located in the Punjab province.

Leading solar panel manufacturers are Solar Energy (Pvt) Ltd. and Zorays Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Pakistan is a rapidly growing county with increasing demand for energy. Solar Panels are an increasingly famous option for getting Pakistan’s energy needs due to their affordable and environment-friendly space.

Government initiative for the promotion of Solar Power

The Government of Pakistan has been working to promote the usage of solar energy in Pakistan through a number of incentives and initiatives.

In Pakistan, in 2014 the government made a solar energy policy that set a target for 5 percent of Pakistan’s electricity to come from solar energy by 2030. This policy also made incentives like tax breaks.

In 2015 Pakistani Government made Solar Home System Programme and their job was to give subsidized solar home systems to households in Pakistan’s off-grid areas. This program aims to give 1 million people solar home systems by 2020.

This policy has also helped the development of large-scale solar projects.

Potential Challenges with the Deployment of Solar Energy Solutions

There are many potential Challenges with the Deployment of Solar energy solutions in Pakistan.
One challenge is the cost of solar panels and related equipment. Solar Panels are made from Silicone which is a renewable resource.

The cost of solar panels has been decreasing in recent years but it is still more expensive.

The 2nd challenge is the intermittency of solar panels. Solar Energy is only available when the sun is shining but it can not provide 24 7 base holds power like coal or nuclear plants.

3rd one challenge is there are sitting challenges with solar forms. Solar Panels need large tracks of land with little shading from trees.


At the end of this article, I hope that now you are well aware of Where are Solar Panels Made in Pakistan

In this article, we learned about where are solar panels are made in Pakistan, what are their benefits, what are the potential benefits of solar panels and the potential Challenges with the Deployment of Solar energy solutions.

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