Which Direction is Best For Solar Panels in Pakistan?

Do you want to know Which Direction is Best For Solar Panels in Pakistan? Are you looking for the best direction for the installation of solar panels on roofs in Pakistan?

The best direction where we can get the maximum capacity of energy is the South. So we can place solar plates towards the south in front of sunlight in Pakistan.

The main purpose of choosing the right direction for solar panels is to get the full strength of Sunlight from the sun.

So it is a very important thing to install these solar plates in front of the sun to get maximum light.

In this way, these solar plates will produce or generate full power for us.

These solar panels are mainly placed on the roofs of our houses because there is very little chance of shade.

On the roof of the home, there is always remains sunlight then we install solar panels there

We can also place these on the ground only if we have a large area of land and sunlight.

How to Measure the Right Direction for Solar Panels?

It is very important thing how we can see what direction is best for solar panels and how to measure this.

  • Just go to the roof of your home.
    Place these solar panels in the south direction if you are in Pakistan.
  • Connect these solar panels to cables and then connect them to fans or other things which you want to run these.
  • See their watts on the inverter and see the maximum amount of electricity in the Inverter meter. How Many Solar Plates are Required for AC? (1, 1.5,3 Tons)
  • Place them where maximum Sunlight is present.
  • Place them 30 degrees from the ground.
  • You can get the maximum sunlight.
  • This is the way of choosing the right direction for solar panel installation in Pakistan.

Best Angel for Summer in Pakistan

  • In Pakistan, the Sun is present at full straight to the sky.
  • So it will be a good direction or angle to place solar panels straight to ground level.
  • In this way, we will get the full capacity of solar energy from solar plates in Pakistan.
  • In summer there is no need to place them at 30 or 45 angles from the ground.
  • Just place them on the roof ground and they will do their job 100 percent.
  • We will get 90 to 95 percent solar energy from these panels in the summer season in Pakistan.

Best Angle for Winter in Pakistan

  • In Pakistan, the Sun goes down towards the south pole.
  • It is present in 45 angles in the winter season in Pakistan.
  • For getting the best and full sunlight from the sun.
  • We should place solar plates at 45 degrees in front of the sun.
  • In this way, we will get maximum Sunlight and then solar energy.
  • But in the winter season sunlight density is very low so they will generate 50 to 60 percent of electricity.


At the end of this informative article, we hope now you are well aware of Which Direction is Best For Solar Panels in Pakistan?

In this article, we learned a lot about which direction is best for getting maximum sunlight.

In Pakistan, we have discussed that the south direction is best for both winter and summer sessions for solar panels. We can buy these solar panels online at Daraz which is the best Pakistan,s shopping center.

We also discuss which is the best direction for summer and which is the best for winter in Pakistan.

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